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Whatever the project, if it's got concrete, you can count on us!

Your Poured Concrete Specialists in Gatineau and Surrounding Areas


For concrete work, always rely on a team of professionals such as Silva & St-Pierre Ltée. Indeed, our experts are qualified to carry out concrete flows, even the most delicate, in Gatineau, Ottawa and surrounding areas.

A Matter of Expertise

Several factors must be taken into account when building constructions with poured concrete, to ensure their strength and durability. For example, an interior concrete surface (e.g., a floor) will not be subject to the same stresses as a surface in contact with the exterior (such as foundations).

The weather conditions (outside temperature, humidity, etc.), the quality and the category of concrete, as well as the role of the structure in the building are some elements that influence concrete pouring methods. At Silva & St-Pierre Ltée, we have the experience and knowledge required to evaluate these different elements and to carry out our work accordingly.

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