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Whatever the project, if it's got concrete, you can count on us!

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Solid and aesthetic floors

Opt for high-end concrete finishes made by specialists to obtain quality results

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Do you need concreting machinery?

Silva et St-Pierre Ltée provides equipment for rent for your work

Concrete Formwork Services in Gatineau for Nearly 40 Years


At Silva & St-Pierre Ltée, we dedicate ourselves daily to the realization of foundations and concrete forms in Gatineau. Bringing you peace of mind is the goal we want to achieve by creating solid foundations that will support the structure of your building. Since concrete formwork and foundations go hand in hand, our team of professionals puts their expertise at your service for the formwork of your residential or commercial buildings in Gatineau.

With more than 36 years of experience in the trade, by entrusting us with this crucial first step of your construction project, you will be assured that your foundations will be built according to the strictest standards in the industry. Call us today to get a free estimate for your concrete formwork service in Gatineau.

The Formwork’s Role in the Construction of Your Building

Formwork is an essential part of today's construction. For work involving concrete, such as concrete floor finishes, foundations and concrete stoops, formwork is a crucial tool that facilitates the malleability of concrete. The formwork is the mould that gives shape to the concrete and then helps maintain it until it reaches its self-stability phase. The role of the formwork is illustrated in:

  • The maintenance of the concrete during the drying period.

  • The shape you want to give to the concrete.

  • The surface condition of the concrete.

It is essential to rely on professionals for the concrete formwork on your constructions because it is a determining factor in nearly sixty percent of the structure of a work. At Silva & St-Pierre Ltée, our experience allows us to determine which type of formwork to choose for the success of the work, based on the project and its specifications, and according to the properties of the concrete. Call on our services for all your concrete formwork needs in Gatineau.

Why entrust the formwork of your building to professionals?

Concrete formwork is a necessary and important operation in a construction work. Whether for new construction, renovation, foundation work or development, the success of the formwork plays a role in the stability of the building structure. Whatever your project, call on the seasoned and experienced contractors of Silva et St-Pierre Ltée for the implementation of concrete formwork in Gatineau. For more than 40 years, we have built a good reputation with our customers with quality, personalized service that meets current standards. Our professionals work with rigor and meticulousness to obtain impeccable finishes. 

Our contractors are trained in the latest formwork techniques and we have the equipment and materials required to carry out the work efficiently. With reliable and proven know-how, residential and commercial formwork specialists give you sound advice and guidelines. In addition to formwork, we are qualified to carry out yourexterior and interior finishes as part of a renovation. Whether it is for the installation of floors, ceiling moldings, doors or even for the construction of terraces and patios, we have the right tools and materials to turn your vision into a reality.

Our company ensures compliance with delivery deadlines and the established budget. Choose professionals for your works, no matter the size, and be sure to have a job well done! Do not hesitate to contact our team for information on our range of services or to make an appointment.

Foundation Restoration Service in Gatineau

Have you noticed a crack or a fissure inside or outside, and you want to remedy it? The team of experienced specialists at Silva & St-Pierre Ltée in Gatineau can meet your specific requirements while respecting industry standards. Relying on our expertise in concrete work and being concerned about your safety, we pay particular attention to the reinforcement of your foundations.

We offer foundation restoration and repair services in Gatineau. Among other things, we repair concrete cracks with epoxy and repair or replace your wall drain. Don't leave your foundations in the hands of amateurs, our consultants and workers will be happy to answer your concerns and deliver a quality service that meets your expectations.

Our contractors follow the correct technique to harden the concrete and ensure successful formwork. Depending on the type of structure being built and the budget of the project, an appropriate formwork is used for the construction and we have the knowledge to make the right choice. Don't leave your foundations in the hands of amateurs, our advisers and our workers will be happy to answer your concerns and provide you with quality service that meets your expectations.

Services and Work Offered by Silva & St-Pierre Ltée

Où que vous soyez à Gatineau, les fondations et les coffrages constituent la base de la construction pour garantir l’intégrité structurelle. Le coffrage fournit le moule en béton, façonnant les fondations avec précision. Une fondation bien construite est essentielle à la stabilité, soutenant l’ensemble de la structure et garantissant la durabilité face aux facteurs environnementaux et aux exigences de charge.

For your foundations and formwork in Gatineau we offer you:

  • Footing formwork

  • Foundation formwork (up to 10 feet high)

  • Installing drains and crushed stone

  • Supplies and installation of basement windows

  • Formwork for steps, stairs and structural slabs

  • Foundation waterproofing (tar or membrane)

  • Installation and supply of anchor bolts and rebar

  • Concrete supplies according to standards

  • Foundations with insulation (Styro Rail products)

  • Concrete pump for pouring foundations

  • Expert consulting services for the management of your project

Contact the contractors at Silva and St-Pierre Ltée for answers to your questions or an estimate on our concrete formwork services in Gatineau. We have choice equipment that allows us to offer you a turnkey service. Our goal is to deliver work that will last for years to come. With the concern for a job well done and a quality rendering that our company delivers to our customers, our contractors stand out as leaders in the field and guarantee you a 100% satisfaction rate. Contact our team today!

Concrete Formwork in Gatineau

We provide concrete formwork and foundation service for your building work.

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