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Whatever the project, if it's got concrete, you can count on us!

Restoration of Concrete Stoops in Gatineau and Surrounding Areas


Is your stoop cracked or decrepit? Does its structure leave something to be desired? Silva et St-Pierre Ltée can resurface or proceed with the refinishing of your concrete stoop in Gatineau and in the Outaouais and Petite-Nation regions. With the evolution of time and the effects of climate, the exposed structures of your buildings are often weakened and degraded. In order to avoid the demolition of your construction, you can restore your surfaces to consolidate the structure and give your property a new look.


We use good quality materials to guarantee the resistance of the stoop. No matter what your specific problem is, we are able to offer you customized solutions. For example, when the entire surface needs to be redone, we take care of removing the damaged concrete, replacing it with high performance concrete and rebuilding the entire stoop. Our team then rebuilds the stoop and applies efficient methods to deliver an impeccable finish.


We remove the concrete in poor condition and then install resistant concrete in the spaces to be filled. This prevents water infiltration, provides a solid surface, minimizes costs and gives your stoop a new lease on life. Call on Silva et St-Pierre Ltée to benefit from our expertise or to get more information on our concrete stoop restoration services in Gatineau and surrounding areas.

A Structural Asset

There are many styles to choose from when it comes to your concrete stoop. Whatever your choice, the stoop is an accessory structure that adds to the overall look of your home. It is therefore important to put it in the right hands, like those of our experts. From casting to finishing, they will deliver a stoop that meets your expectations. Based on the architecture of your home, we determine the ideal location to meet current standards. You can rely on our construction contractors who have 40 years of experience in the field and unparalleled expertise in the implementation of concrete work such as foundation work in Gatineau. Our company is equipped and we work in a safe and rigorous manner. Entrust us with your projects without further delay! For more information, we invite you to contact us.

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Whatever the project, if it's got concrete, you can count on us!

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