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Whatever the project, if it's got concrete, you can count on us!

Votre perron est fissuré

Your porch is cracked?

Our experienced team takes care of the restoration of the porch to keep your structures in good condition.

Béton de qualité supérieure

Top quality concrete!

Our company is a trusted ally for your concrete supply for your construction projects.

An Impeccable Concrete Floor Finish in Gatineau


Did you decide to go with a concrete floor? At Silva & St-Pierre Ltée, we offer our services to finish your concrete floors in Gatineau, Ottawa and surrounding areas.


Whether for a business or a private residence, a concrete floor can be a great choice depending on the room. In the residential sector, this type of flooring is mostly used in the basement and garage, but nothing prevents you from installing it in other rooms.

The Advantages of a Concrete Floor

  • Quick application

  • Robust, durable material

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Clean style

  • Superior acoustic insulation

Nowadays, concrete floors are especially sought after for their industrial look and acoustic insulation, both in condos and in shops. However, floor finish is an essential part of achieving the desired result; there are several options available to you. To find out more about these options or about concrete floors in general, contact us!

The different options for a concrete floor finish

In Gatineau, Fondations Silva et St-Pierre Ltée takes care of your concrete floor finishes.  For the covering of your concrete surfaces, different options are available:

  • Elastomeric concrete floor finish
    A popular, flexible, aesthetic and durable concrete surfacing is possible with an elastomeric membrane concrete floor finish, ideal for a garage or patio. Elastomer is a material that makes your floor waterproof and resistant to movement, temperature changes and chemicals. Thanks to the polyurea or polyaspartic contained in the elastomeric membrane, you can have peace of mind about the longevity of the coating.

  • Epoxy concrete floor finish
    Are you looking for a unique coating with which you can give style and taste to your concrete floors? Epoxy is a material that brings aesthetics to your rooms and allows you to create different styles thanks to its wide range of colors. The epoxy concrete floor is advantageous in that it is easy to maintain, offers various visual possibilities and is resistant to shocks, stains, water and wear.

  • Light concrete floor finish
    Like other coatings, the clear concrete floor finish is an optimal, aesthetic and practical solution for your interior. A clear and glossy finish will give a touch of modernity, good adhesion to coated surfaces as well as a sleek and unique design. Our team works in accordance with standards for the protection of customers and to guarantee the longevity of operations.

In addition to the finishing work, our team is trained for the work ofconcreting, formwork andequipment rental. You have questions? Feel free tocall us from today !

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